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    It is ultimately the obligation of each participant to ensure that their conduct and equipment comply with all applicable Forza ALMS Rules and Regulations, as they may be amended from time to time.

    1.1 Every Entrant or other member of IMSA is expected to conduct themselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Persons whose appearance, associations or affiliations that are deemed inappropriate or who exhibit conduct which is offensive, abrasive, in bad taste, or otherwise inappropriate may be denied membership.
    1.2 Failure to obey the direction of an F-ALMS official, as such pertain to the procedures and rules that govern the
    organization and administration of any F-ALMS Event will be considered a breach of the good conduct.
    1.3 Any Entrant or member that publicly criticizes F-ALMS or its officials may be considered to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner prejudicial or detrimental to F-ALMS and the best interests of the sport.
    1.4 Actions or in-action on the part of a competitor which, in the opinion of the Race Director and/or the Officials, results in an unfair advantage to the competitor shall constitute unsportsmanlike conduct, and is a breach of the conduct.

    2.1 Throughout the periods of practice, qualifying and racing, access to the pits must be made through the designated pit entrance.
    2.2 You must call your entry and exit from the pit road area, as to ensure that all participants are clear and you are able to safely enter the driving lane.

    3.1 Cars will be placed in the starting lineup in order of their speed potential with the fastest to the front of the field.
    3.2 A car must be qualified by a Driver officially entered to drive that car.
    3.3 Pole position goes to the fastest qualifier. The pole is defined as the front row, inside position with respect to the first turn past the starting line.
    3.4 If two cars achieve the same qualifying time, the car that sets the time earliest in their qualifying session shall be gridded first.
    3.5 At the discretion of the Race Director, a competitor who is unable to qualify in their session but can meet qualifying requirements may be placed on the grid behind other automobiles of their division or at the rear of the grid.
    3.6 GRIDDING OF AUTOMOBILES : All automobiles must be gridded at a time designated in the RD. Any driver arriving after the published time may, at the discretion of the Race Director, be placed on the back of the grid; it must not attempt to regain its original starting position. Competitors required to go to the “Back of the Grid” will be placed chronologically in the order that they were required to go to the back of the grid unless otherwise determined by the Race Director. (IN OTHER WORDS - DO NOT BE LATE)

    4.1 All races are standing starts, ordered by P1, P2, PC, GT, GTC.
    4.2 All participants will be ordered and grouped by room prior to the start of event
    4.3 ONE restart is allowed in first 2 laps for :lag wreck, multicar wreck, car unable to continue due to damage.
    4.4 After this restart, no other will be allowed, regardless of lag of inability to drive safely.

    5.1 All Qualifying sessions will be a 15 minute run. Fastest time in that 15 minutes will count as qualifying lap. Only clean laps will count. All dirty laps will be lined up BEHIND all clean qualifiers for the race.
    5.2 Qualifying will open on Wednesday of each race week and must be done by Friday morning at 12 AM.
    5.3 Failure to Qualify will result in a 2 mile penalty.

    6.1 PASSING It is the responsibility of both the overtaking Driver and the Driver being overtaken to assure safe overtaking at racing speeds. A car traveling alone may use the full width of the track. Overtaking may be either right or left depending on the conditions of the moment.
    6.2 BLOCKING
    Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the Race Director and/or Officials, alters their racing line based on the actions of pursuing competitors, or uses an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent overtaking may be considered to be “blocking” and may be warned or penalized.
    Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the Race Director and/or Stewards, initiates avoidable contact with another competitor, whether or not such contact interrupts the other competitor’s lap times, track position or damages other competitor’s cars, and whether or not such actions result in actual contact, may be warned or penalized by the Race Director, or officials. This is not subject to protest or appeal.
    Any participant who, in the sole opinion of the Race Director and/or Stewards, engages in any behavior deemed to represent an unjustifiable risk or reckless endangerment may be warned or penalized by the Race Director, or officials. This is not subject to protest or appeal.

    7.1 The Driver of the car which completes the greatest distance in the time set for the competition will be declared
    the winner.
    7.2 In competitions of a given distance, the checkered flag will be given first to the leading car, then to the other finishers as they cross the finish line (IF SAME MILEAGE).
    7.3 If the leading car is not running at the expiration of the time limit, the checkered flag will be given to the next highest running car in the same manner.

    F-ALMS will recognize a Driver champion in the P1 class, the P2 class, the PC class, the GT class and the GTC class of the series based on the number of points earned in the ALMS races, as well as Team and Privateer points.
    ---Championship points: will be awarded in each series race to the top ten (10) finishers that have met the eligibility requirements as follows:
    1st 20 points 5th 8 points 8th 3 points
    2nd 16 points 6th 6 points 9th 2 points
    3rd 13 points 7th 4 points 10th 1 point
    4th 10 points
    ---Long Distance Races: For long distance races scheduled for 3 hours or more, ten (10) additional points will be awarded for class positions 1 through 10 as above.

    In all Events, the car must complete at least 70% of the distance of the class winning car to be eligible for Driver Championship points.


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    1. 24
    2. 20
    3. 17
    4. 14
    5. 12
    6. 10
    7. 8
    8. 7
    9. 6
    10. 5
    10+. 1

    1. 20
    2. 16
    3. 13
    4. 10
    5. 8
    6. 6
    7. 4
    8. 3
    9. 2
    10 and 10+. 1

    BONUS of 1 point per upper class car that you finish in front of OVERALL

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